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How Techie Are You

I was just browsing my emails and saw this email which a friend sent me. I got this email last year and just read it again right now.

I would like to share it with you so that you can find out how techie you are.....

You Might be a Techie if…

  • * your watch has more buttons than your phone
  • * you use 3 diferrent browsers at the same time
  • * you beg friends to get an internet account so, “we can hang out”
  • * you have no life… and you can prove it mathematically
  • * you write HTML in notepad and it works
  • * you use old CD-ROMS as coasters
  • * You purchase electronic appliances “as-is”
  • * Dilbert is your hero
  • * You own more DVD-R/DVD-RW than DVDs
  • * You have a desktops and laptops waiting to be fixed or just lying around the house as backup
  • * You speak in giga and terra bytes
  • * You can assemble a computer in no time but suck at reading the manual
  • * You just know how things work.


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