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There's a new site called Lockerz that will offer the coolest brands at the lowest prices, exclusive video and music and the hottest games... all in one place. You'll really like LOCKERZ PTZ (or "POINTZ"). PTZ are Lockerz' proprietary loyalty "currency" that you earn whenever you buy, watch, play, share, invite friends, or even just show up on Lockerz. Redeem PTZ for incredible prizes, great products and dream experiences.

Some of the cool prizes that you can redeem in exchange of your PTZ (points) are 42"LCD TV, designer bags, an apple TV and much much more.

join and get cool prizes.... totally free! a must try!

Lockerz is in it's beta mode and membership is by invites only. If you want to try it out just leave me a comment and your email address and I'll be sending an invitation to you.


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