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Michelangelo's David is returning to Italy

After a two year visit to the United States , Michelangelo' s David is returning to Italy ......

His Proud Sponsors were:

Happy Weekend!

happy weekend Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Weekend everyone!

Let Me In

Hearing this song is like traveling back in time. I love this song so much! It helps me feel better when I'm not. It's the only song (or any mike francis song that is!) that relaxes me.

I think this was released way back 1984 and I was 8 years old then. I practically grew up with Mike Francis' songs. I love his songs period!

Week that was


I'm sorry for not updating this blog :( I've been very busy this past few weeks and as much as I wanted to post something for this blog I can't.

These past few weeks has been a very busy week for me. My 5 years old daughter had her 2nd quarterly exams in which I have to review her thoroughly. I had to make some reviewers for her to help her remember her lessons.

My youngest is so cranky these past few days because he haa a hard time eating and sleeping. He is teething and he had cough and flu at the same time.... geez... it's really hard to be a momma!

Anyway, I am pissed with my Internet Provider lately.... connection has been slow and I got disconnected so many times that doing my posting and dropping ec's on my other blog has been very difficult for me. I called their tech support and reported. The connection is still slow but it is better than having no connections at all.

This week hubby bought a new laptop... an ACER laptop which I forgot the model... hahaha! he loves computer so much to the extent of having 3 pc's at home. One for me, One for hubby and the other for my daughter. No wonder our electric bill went up this month.... hehehe!

Hopefully I can update this blog more often .... till my next post!
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