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For All The Parents Like Me

There is nothing else much greater than the happiness of being a parent. Being a parent is no easy task. There is a saying that being a parent is a never ending job and it requires a lot of hard work. I am a proud parent of 2 wonderful kids. My eldest is a 6 year old girl and my youngest is a one year old baby boy. Speaking from my own experience, I had a real hard time when my eldest was born. It's a good thing that my mother helped me taking care of my new born. It was basically my first time in everything with regards to taking care of a baby. I can say that being a second time mommy was a lot more easier. I can now juggle those motherhood chores without sweat.

I recently joined Parentricity which is for me a social network wherein first time parents can interact with each other. Parents can now share their own experiences, ideas and opinions in regards of being a parent. Parents can share and help each other on buying and having baby products. They can share their own experiences with some baby products from strollers to baby bottles to clothes. This site is very helpful not just for first time parents but to all the parents. Learn from other parents things which can be very helpful to you.

Explore the world of parents .....Join us and share your joys of being a parent.


Rosa said...

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thank you!:)

Jong said...

I agree with you...It's not that easy to become a parent especially when dealing with a hyperactive kids..You will drain all your energy taking care of them but it's worth it upon seeing your kids grow..

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