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Solving Entrecard Inflation

32 minutes ago I received an email from entrecard about the Entrecard inflation. I read about it and I am kinda surprised about what it says...

Here's the email...

Hi everyone,

We hope that you have been pleased with Entrecard’s progress. The management team has been working hard to improve Entrecard and we thank you for your patience.

We have noticed that the total number of Entrecard credits in the system has grown rapidly. This has been due to the fact that more credits are being created than credits are leaving the system. If this inflation continues, Entrecard credits will be worth less and less. To ensure a stable credit economy and reduce the outstanding credits, Entrecard will no longer give Entrecard credits to the person receiving a drop. In other words, instead of awarding 2 credits for each drop (one to the dropper and one to the blog site owner), only 1 credit will be given to the dropper. This change will be effective September 1, 2009 and will last until further notice.

We have explored many other options to deflate the credit economy and we have found this route to be the easiest and fairest way to resolve the problem for the time being. While this may seem like a set back, it has its advantages. In the long run, the prices to advertise on blogs will decline making advertising more affordable.

While we recognize your concerns, please understand that it is one of our goals to have a healthy Entrecard credit economy. This is a huge change we're making and we will continue to monitor the credit economy. We will continue to make changes as necessary to accommodate a healthy Entrecard economy. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Cindy Ung
Director of Business Development

I am not sure if my fellow entrecarders will agree to this but as for me I support whatever the entrecard is planning. I owe my traffic to entrecard and I am confident that these changes will benefit all of it's members.


verabear said...

I didn't even know I was earning points through the drops I received. For me, I don't necessarily drop for the points themselves, but because I bank on the possibility that other Entrecarders would drop back to those who drop on them, thereby increasing my traffic. Then from time to time you also find a blog you truly find interesting diba :)


Aldon Hynes said...

I tend to think that I owe my traffic to other things. My blog has been around longer than EntreCard and I get a lot of traffic from other sources.

One thing that I write a lot about is online marketing and advertising. I cover conferences on it, especially in New York.

From my view, the latest change doesn't make a lot of sense and is likely to damage EntreCard traffic even more.

Right now, Adgitize is being a better source of both traffic and revenue for me, and I expect that Adgitize and CMF Ads will both continue to pick up as EntreCard continues to falter.

From a marketing view point, I would encourage you to diversify your marketing portfolio and look at Adgitize and CMF Ads.

For more thoughts on this, check out Blog Advertising - EntreCard, Adgitize, and Beyond

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