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Why Pacman (Pacquiao, the Pinoy Boxer) Won

Why Pacman (Pacquiao, the Pinoy Boxer) Won

Some called it foolishness.
Others said it was a sham, a circus.
Still, many called it a mismatch.
It was a mismatch indeed.
Just the other way around though.
Many so-called experts were dumbfounded. How can this be?
Unknown to most, there was something going on 'behind
the scene' before the fight that determined its outcome:

God : What's this I heard about one big fight on earth?
Who's fighting?

Angel : It's between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar dela
Hoya! And its about to start!

God : Ow! Manny! I know him. He talks to Me every now and
then. In fact he's praying to me again, asking for help on his fight.

Angel : Then there's Oscar dela Hoya.

God : Who's Oscar?

Angel : The Pretty Boy. Cute. Many of us lady angels here
has a crush on him!

God : Never heard of him. He never talked to me. Never
called My Name.

Angel : He did Your Honor, on several occasions!

God : Ya? When? I don't remember. You have a record of

Angel : Let me see, it says in our logbook, every time he
sees a beautiful and sexy woman he says, "Oh my god!"

God : Sorry, can't remember. So tell me, who's
favored to win?

Angel : Oscar of course! 2-1!

God : Really now! Says who?

Angel : Almost everybody. The experts, the sports buffs,
gamblers, you name it, except of course the Filipinos.

God : Ows? But I see it differently. I see the opposite. In
fact, instead of 2-1, I see it 8-0! In favor of the little guy, Manny.
Reminds me a lot about my boy David before. He too kept on praying. He too had a
giant to kill.

After a while:

Angel: You are right again, as always, Lord, Your boy won!

God : He deserves it. And look now, before anything else,
he's thanking Me for the big win!
How can I say no to him then? And the fact that I get free
advertisement every time he thanks me on worldwide television! He's
doing it more effectively than a thousand priests or pastors! Hmmmm, I
sure can use him more.


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