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Is there a specter at the feast?

One of the more popular genres in bookstores is the one marked "horror" (sometimes overlapping with "dark fantasy"). This is where the author takes an everyday type of situation and then twists it round to show us the frightening side. It's the old roller coaster ride. Some people just can't get enough of the thrill seeking. The pumping of the heart and adrenaline flooding through the body is such a high for them. Well, today's posting here is one of the scary variety. So let's start off by blaming someone. It always feels better if you can point to someone else for spoiling the party spirit first. In this case, it's a Brit doctor - they are more into death and destruction over there what with their socialist health service. Anyway, he wrote a letter to the British Medical Journal - not a shy fellow, you will understand. He wanted his voice to be heard in the profession. He warns that the symptom of erectile dysfunction is often an indication the patient may have heart problems in two to three years time. Let's just run the scenario past you. Most men are deeply ashamed by suffering erectile dysfunction. They prefer not to discuss it with anyone unless they have no choice. Some do make it to their physicians, but most doctors still treat the problem as a lifestyle issue rather than as a possible symptom of a more serious disease. The good physicians therefore just write out the prescription with the least fuss. It saves everyone embarrassment. The remaining men come on to a site like this and buy cialis online. Their research shows them that cialis is the best drug for producing long-lasting sexual performance. It can be bought online without a prescription. This solves their problem. Except there's no physical check-up, no lab tests or other examination to see whether this is an early warning of heart problems. What's the connection between erectile dysfunction and heart disease? Well, the reason for the failure to get or maintain an erection is a failure in the small artery leading into the penis. If there's a problem with one small artery, the same problem may be replicated around the body. The more blood vessels are compromised, the more likely it is that you will have a heart attack. Although using cialis dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the short term, the effect over two to three years diminishes. So if there is any history of heart disease in your family or you have high blood pressure, simply taking cialis can increase the risk you will have a heart attack. It's always better to have a full physical examination if you have erectile dysfunction. One final thought - the sting in the tail required of all good horror stories. If a heart problem is diagnosed early, your chances of a long life just improved except that many of the drugs required to keep you alive make the erectile dysfunction worse.


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